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C-Thru Fencing

C-Thru Fencing has been used worldwide for its simplistic design, permeability, durability, rigidity and has become the fence of choice for those wanting to move away from conventional budget wire fencing.

This is the perfect in between fence for the fastidious property owner and comes without the hefty price tag or ongoing maintenance. Provides clear line of sight for surveillance cameras.

Manufactured from 5mm diameter wire makes it difficult to cut using conventional hand tools. Has a low visual impact. Will not sag, easy to repair, pressed profile eliminates warping of sheets and easily dismantled for re-use should you want to take your fence with you.

C Thru Fencing Examples


C-Thru fencing is widely used around Perth and is suitable for a wide range of fencing and perimeter applications.  We can custom design a new c-thru fence for your acreage, business or property and offer a turn key installation service. Each C-thru fence we design and installed is backed by our quality guarantee.

Heights 1200, 1800 and 2100mm
Finishes Galvanized or galvanized and powder coated
Gates Made to suit swing and sliding configurations
Additional security Longer posts allow for barbed or razor wire extensions
Applications Parks, Schools, Playgrounds, Sport Fields, Commercial Properties and Car Yards


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